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Site Rules

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1Site Rules Empty Site Rules Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:52 pm



Please abide by the rules below at all times. These rules are in addition to our terms.

1. Be Respectful.

  • All members must be polite, civil, and respectful at all times. No exceptions. If you are personally attacked and respond with a personal attack, both of you will be sanctioned. Report personal attacks soon after they happen and the Admin team will take care of it.

2. No Disruptive Behavior.

  • Do not flood the forums with posts, do not bump your own threads, do not troll other members, and do not behave in a disruptive manner.

3. No Selling, Advertising, or Promoting.

  • Unless given explicit permission by the Admins, members are not permitted to promote or link to any products, services, or commercial websites anywhere on the site except in their Signature. You may ask questions about any product or service and you may answer questions about any product or service. However, you may not create threads or posts with the sole purpose of promoting a product or service. Our Link Policy is quite strict and unique so it is further clarified below. If you have any doubts, please ask the Admins beforehand.

4. No Posting of Contact Details.

  • Members are not allowed to post their contact details in posts, profile posts, or their bio. If a member wishes to provide another member their off-site contact details, then they must send those details using the Private Messages (Conversation) feature, which must be unlocked first.

5. No Affiliate Links.

  • Do not post any links that contain affiliate codes anywhere on the site, including Signatures and Profile pages.

6. No Multiple Accounts.

  • If you cannot remember your username or password to access the Forums, contact the Admin team via the Contact Form at the bottom of the Forum to restore your account instead of creating a new one. If you create multiple accounts, all your accounts will be immediately and permanently banned. If you connect to our site via VPN's and/or Proxies to hide your real IP address and we suspect you may be a Sock Puppet, we may ask you to connect using your real IP. If you refuse, we may limit or ban your account.

7. No Off-topic Posting

  • Do not discuss matters irrelevant to the thread at hand. Instead, create a new thread for off-topic matters. Off-topic posts may be moved to the Off-topic Graveyard.

8. No Doxxing.

  • Do not reveal private personal details of members. If your private personal details have been revealed by another member, please report the offending post to bring it to our attention.

Violations of the above will result in sanctions and/or a permanent ban.

Note: These rules are subject to change so refer to this page regularly.


  1. Members are only allowed to link to their products/services/sites in their Signature.

EXAMPLE: If you want to link to a CNN news article in one of your posts, that is fine since they do not sell or promote any products or services. If you want to link to an article on a site that also happens to sell products/services such as memberships or books, then that is not allowed.

New stricter moderation, but without banning​

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